Which file?

fan of nail filesWe stock a wide range of nail files of various grits and types.
But what one to choose? Let’s start with the grit:

Most files are dual sided (that means there is grit on both sides) and the grit value will be numbered, for example 100/180. The numbers indicate the amount of grit particles on the emery paper. The higher the number the finer and smoother the file will feel, the lower the number the courser the grit will be.

A courser grit is great for filing and taking the length of the nails down quickly. The finer grit is perfect for finishing and smoothing the shape of the nails on both natural and artificial.

Files that have a different grit value on each side are more versatile, they have the course side to quickly achieve the required shape and the smoother side so finish and smooth.

We stock wood core files and cushion files.

Wood core files are probably the most recognised and popular files to use by therapist and at home. They are economical to use and not washable. They are ideal for both natural finger nails and toe nails and available with a variety of grits.

The forever popular Black Beauty file has a grit of 240/240 made from Silicon Carbide. This is an incredibly hard substance making it one of the best ever emery boards.

The silicon carbide is also used on the Heavy Duty nail files with a 100/100 grit.

The extra width on the Regular Emery Boards make them easy to use and with a 100/180 grit very versatile.

Our Tapered 7” files with a 80/100 grit are the classic shape great to use.

Our Cushion files have a plastic core covered with a polystyrene foam topped with the abrasive part of the file in a range of grits. The cushion file is soft and it can flex slightly around the nails and achieve a larger point of contact, therefore each sweep of the file on the nail is more effective and efficient.

The cushion files we stock come in a variety of finishes and made by The Edge Nails.

The Zebra Curved has a 100/180 grit with a Zinc Sterate coating, this makes the grit resistant from clogging from the dust from acrylics and also perfect for use on fibreglass too. These files feel smoother than other files with the same grit value.

The Pink Curve has a 400/400 grit. This is a very fine grit made from aluminium oxide, perfect for finishing use.

The Black Duraboard cushion file with a 100/180 grit. This is the only file we stock that is washable, it is durable and long lasting. We stock both the straight and curved version of this popular file. It is ideal for all nail enhancements.

All our files come with a bulk or multi purchase deal.

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