Why buff your nails?

Buffing the finger nails not only smooth’s the ridges of the nails and increases the shine of your natural nails but there are a few other benefits too….

Buffing your finger nails will:
• Improve the circulation and stimulate the blood supply to your nail bed making your nails healthier and possibly stronger and stimulate growth. Poor circulation can result in weak nails that are prone to splitting, flaking and breaking.
• not only make your nail polish look better on smooth nails by going on more evenly but can actually last longer too.
• Help nail treatments (strengtheners) penetrate the nails so take better effect.
• Look smoother and more attractive, by reducing the ridges and roughness.
• Help prevent the nails peeling.
• Encourage the nails to grow longer, because the circulation has been increased the nail is stronger and will be less prone to breaking.
• Enhance the natural look of your nails, because your buffed nails will look natural, healthy and shiny there will be no need to apply additional nail enhancing products eg nail varnish, resulting in beautiful natural nails. (No nail varnish disasters either!)
• Remove surface stains and can prevent nail discolouration by removing surface dirt.
• Make the nails look beautiful quickly without having to wait for them to dry.

It is important not to overdo the buffing as you will eventually thin the nails if you use the ‘rough’ side of your buffer too much.

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