Why buy in bulk?

As you may have nbulk_dealsoticed a lot of our lines have a bulk buy deal. These are not just there for the large and busy salons to take advantage of, but also the small busy salons and individuals too. All you need is the space to store it.

I worked for years as a therapist, when I progressed to salon owner and saw where my money was going, I tried where I could to always buy in bulk. Especially on the products I constantly used, for example: wax strips and spatulas, wax, yellow mask removal sponges, nail files, couch roll, tissues and cotton wool to name but a few. These products don’t go off and will sit in your cupboard until you are ready to use them.

The initial bulk cost is an investment, however, because you are saving money on your staple products, over the course of the year your outgoing product costs will be lower and as a result your profit margin per treatment and overall profit will be up.

I do have a couple of recommendations and trap avoidances for you:

Do keep an eye on your stock levels, it is very easy to get caught in the mind set of ‘I have loads of that’ and suddenly it is all gone or you’re down to your last pack.

If you have purchased a large size of, for example, massage oil I do advise you to decant into a smaller bottle for daily use. Otherwise it is easy to over use the product and waste it – especially common with those who do not pay the bills.

Happy saving!

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