Why wax when the weather is cold?

Just because the weather has been frightfully cold and the Christmas and New Year party season is over you still need to keep up a regular waxing regime.

Think back to when you first had your legs waxed (for some people that will be many years ago, for others it will be a warm weather treat) the first wax treatment doesn’t seem to last as long as subsequent waxing treatments. That’s because the hairs are all in a different stage of growth, some hairs would be just about to fall out naturally, some will still be growing and some are just about to start growing and pop out the follicle a day or two after you have walked out the salon. It will take a few regular waxing sessions to get the hairs in sync with each other, and for you to reap the waxing rewards.

However if you have continued with your regular waxing treatments your waxing will last longer when you want it to the most.

During the winter months hair growth can slow down so instead of visiting your favourite therapist every 4-6weeks you may find you only need to go every 6-8 weeks, but the results will speak for themselves.

So next winter, keep up the waxing it will pay dividends in the long run!


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