World Water Day

Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink! Is a popular line from ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’
The average adult body is made up of 50-65% water (much higher in children) it isn’t any wonder that water is so important to every bodily function.
If we are dehydrated we will quickly feel the effects.
You will start to feel thirsty and your tongue can feel dry, saliva is antibacterial so if you are not producing enough you could start to get really bad breath due to bacteria having a party in your mouth! As I type this I am reaching for a glass of water!
Instead of reaching for a coffee when you are feeling tired grab a glass of water, feeling tired is also a sign of dehydration, when you are dehydrated your performance can drop by 10%, also caffeine is a diuretic so by drinking coffee when you are already dehydrated is only going to compound the problem.
As soon as dehydration sets in you will start to suffer with headaches, the greater the dehydration the greater the headache. This could impair your ability to function at your normal level, your thinking and making rational decisions and can cause mood swings. A lack of water can also make you light headed and dizzy as well as confused and irritable.
A lack of water throughout your digestive track is likely to cause constipation, if you have ever suffered from constipation you will already know you can have a range of abdominal pain from a mild belly ache to a pain that will make you double over! Your Bowel is semi permeable so if you are getting dehydrated your body will automatically extract any moisture from your bowl matter before the body rids itself of it. This will quite literally compound the issue and can make you bunged up for days and very uncomfortable. When you finally open your bowl – it can make your eyes water!
Over time dehydration will show in your skin, making your skin look prematurely aged, especially around the eyes and lips where the skin is at its most delicate. Combine this with environmental water thieves like air conditioning and central heating, if you are not drinking enough water your skin really is fighting a losing battle
A lack of water in the body can cause an imbalance of the natural electrolytes (sodium and potassium) which will in turn affect the functions of muscles and can result in very painful muscle cramps.
Thirst is also sometime mistaken for hunger, so when you are feeling hungry or have a sudden hunger pang, it could be that you are actually thirsty. So instead of grabbing that snack, how about grabbing a drink of water first?
The moral of this story, keep hydrated and keep healthy!

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